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Trust and respect

We tend to achieve and keep mutual respect and trust among our partners and customers alike as the main basis for the business relationship we strive for. In order to achieve our vision, we respect the integrity and performance of each individual, because they are equally important to every product and every service and we strive to be the mainstay of our business partners and customers.

Customers and partners oriented

Focus on customers and partners is accomplished by our proactive approach to work, including the anticipation of customer needs, as well as the information we provide before it has even been requested. In this way we develop healthy business co-operation and we endeavor to earn confidence in the FMT Zajecar. To achieve this, we constantly monitor the latest trends in today’s increasingly demanding market, and in accordance with the needs and changes of the market, we approach our clients, early trying to convince them that FMT Zajecar should be their first option of choice.

Responsible, open and honest collaborations.

Business is based on open and honest two-way communication. All promises, both to partners and to our customers, we fulfill as previously agreed on and within the agreed time frame.

Our staff

Experience and traditions that bind to FMT Zajecar are priceless. More than 200 people, top experts in their field of their profession, choose to work for FMT Zajecar. Together with them, FMT Zajecar has been growing for the last 45 years and and has been operating in accordance with the rules of business procedures and ethnic behaviors. We understand that each of us is responsible individually for ourselves and our work, but also for the success and overall well-being of the entire company. Providing the personal maximum and constantly rising the expectations bar, we find the best possible technical solution to the satisfaction of all parties involved. More than 70,000 units are annually manufactured by FMT Zajecar, with the tendency to increase in quantity the following years. Without any doubts, this is the result of great teamwork and professionalism FMT Zajecar insists on.



Without innovation there is no progress. We believe that innovative thinking is essential to any sort of progress and in achieving better, more effective and more efficient products.
Following the latest trends and technologies in our business, we strive to find new, modern and better ways to meet our customers expectations, their technical requirements, as well as all the other possible requirements.



31100 – manufacture of electrical motors, generators and transformers.


101 327 055


071 47 368


613 500 9 561


Factory headquarter


Stražilovska 57
19000 Zaječar


+381 (0) 19 3413 111
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+381 (0) 19 3413 266

Belgrade office


Timočka 18
Crveni Krst
11000 Belgrade


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