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Our surroundings 

FMT Zajecar (Fabrika mernih transformatora Zajecar d.o.o) is located in the eastern part of Serbia,  just outside of the city of Zajecar in a valley surrounded with pine trees, small river, green grass and magnificent nature.  This most inspiring location is the birthplace of our ideas, design and products.  Hope you are ready for the tour of our 48+years young factory…

Admin building  

Our main headquarters building is located at the same premises as the factory right at the entrance to our factory park. It consists of 3 levels, more than 30 offices, meeting rooms, show rooms and restaurant and other open spaces.  It has been renovated and modernized a few times and is now surrounded by front garden which has been voted as the best looking industrial garden a few years in a row.


Almost all of the production is carried out in one of the two main production halls. This is where our designs are manufactured and our products are born. Our main test lab, which has appropriate accreditation, is also allocated in one of the production halls. During the fire a few years ago, one of the halls was completely destroyed. It has been rebuilt and equipped with new and improved machines. The other hall remains the same but has over the years been upgraded to new standards and regulations.

Research and development

Before any product is manufactured it has to be carefully designed. Our R&D department takes care of this. Over 20 highly educated individuals are full of knowledge and experience. We believe in new technologies and our engineers, designers and technologists are there to provide the best possible solutions and exceptional professional support and advice to our clients world-wide.